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Having worked in mineral exploration for over 40 years, primarily as a Mineral Landman, claim-staker, and geologist, map-making has always been an integral part of my career. After staking many thousands of mining claims, and drafting hundreds of mining claim maps, of both patented and unpatented claims, and after reviewing many claim-maps plotted by others, I realized that there is a market for professional mining-claim plotting and mapping.  I also provide field services, such as claim staking and field mapping.

We are based in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Much of my work has been in Colorado, Utah, and Nevada, however I have staked mining claims in six additional states.

We can provide maps and drawings in AutoCad, and can provide GIS data either as DXF or SHP files. For field mapping and claim staking I use a mapping-grade Ashtech Promark 100 GPS receiver with accuracy of roughly 1 meter.  GPS accuracy grades are:  Survey Grade = sub-centimeter; Mapping Grade = 3 – 5 feet; Recreational Grade = 5 to 40 feet depending on conditions.

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Mining Claim Consultant – Landman – Mapping and Research


5-Unpatented claim map

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Unpatented lode claims

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Services include Mining Claim Title and Land Status research with map preparation. We also offer claim staking services, and claim document services such as preparation of Location Certificates, filing maps and NOITL’s.

We also field-map existing unpatented mining claims, roads, drill holes and other assets.  In addition we prepare Title Reports and conduct Surface Inspections.


Patented claim plot on topo.

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Sample Animas mining claim map

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 Services include Mining Claim Title and Land Status research. We can also prepare a detailed map showing your claim or claims on a topographic map or aerial imagery and can provide historical documentation for your claim. Additionally we can provide the Mineral Survey Plat, and a number of other historical documents describing your claim.  See the “Services” tab for details and limitations.

REAL ESTATE MAPS        Click HERE to go to the Real Estate Page

9-Mt Is Rch Map for Website

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6-Sample Unaweep Ranch on topo

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If you have land for sale, or just need an accurate map of your property, we can create it. Your property boundary would be plotted in a USGS 7.5 minute topographic sheet as shown in the examples.

9-Mt Is Aerial

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unaweep ranch Aerial

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Ranch Lands over Aerial Imagery

9-Mt IS Status Map for Website

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8-Sample unaweep land status map

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Land Status Maps

9-Mt IS Loc Map for Website

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9-sample unaweep loc map

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Property Location Maps