Useful mapping links. I utilize Ashtech mapping-grade GPS equipment in the field and plot my maps primarily using AutoCad.  I also use Intellicad, Manifold GIS, Pointor, Irfanview, and a few other mapping utilities for conversion and imaging work.  Corpscon, LR2000, Alltopo, and Irfanview are the most useful for my work.  Shows Altitude and Lat-Long as you pan around on a Google Earth map.  Gives the CURRENT declination of an area. You need this for compass work because topo maps show the declination as of a certain date.  In the western US the declination presently decreases about 7 minutes per year.  For instance, the 1955 Silverton 7.5′ quad lists the declination as 14 deg.  The present declination is 9.72 deg, because the declination has been decreasing annually.  If you use the declination listed on a topo more than a few years off, you will veer off of your destination.  1 degree in one mile is about 90′, so if you use the 1955 declination you will be nearly 400′ off line in one mile.  CORPSCON for COORDINATE CONVERSIONS.     This program converts coordinate projections and datums.  For instance, it will:  Convert UTM NAD83 to UTM NAD27, UTM NAD83 or NAD27 to State Plane NAD83 or NAD27,  and all of the above to Lat-Long. I does not convert maps, just coordinates. I think most users only need to download the version with the smallest file size.  Lists all UNPATENTED mining claims that the BLM considers to be Active.  Will also return searches on Closed, Pending, and Void claims. You can download a PDF, or an Excel file for sorting. To enter the query area, click on Run Reports in the left column. Download Free USGS Topo Maps. Downloads entire topo maps as a high quality tiff image. Download Free USGS Topo Maps. Does about the same as Libremap as far as I can tell. aka Seamless Topo Maps.  Not Free. With an Alltopo state map set you can print seamless topo maps across large areas.  For instance, if your area of interest is at the intersection of four separate 7.5′ topos, you can generate a map window of a portion of the four topos.  ALLTOPO/IGAGE also sells reasonably priced mapping grade GPS equipment, such as Ashtech GPS receivers. CONVERTS POINT LISTS TO DXF and DXF to point lists.  Input Excel, txt, csv coordinate files, with point descriptions, and output DXF for input into Autocad, or into GIS to create shapefiles. FREE SCREEN CAPTURE UTILITY Works like the Snagit utility, but is free.  WARNING. When you download,  be sure to select the correct “Download” button on the website, as there are a couple more “Download” buttons for alternate software. FREE IMAGE VIEWER AND CONVERTER The best that I have found. Converts to and from dozens of different file types.  I use it mostly to convert large PDF maps to smaller JPG versions.  Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, I can window out a portion of a 50 mb PDF (using snapshot), paste it into Irfanview, then save it as a Tiff, JPG, or whatever.  The JPG version is about 5mb, and is almost as sharp.  Much easier to handle than the 50mb PDF.


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