Mining Law Links

Links to State and Federal Mining Statutes and Regulations – Sorry, some of these links are broken.  I will update shortly.

Nevada Mining Statutes  Title 517

Utah Mining Statutes  Title 40.1

Arizona Mining Statutes  Title 27, Ch. 2

Colorado Mining Statutes  Title 34

Wyoming Mining Statutes  Title 30.1

New Mexico Mining Statutes  Ch. 69, Art. 3 (Go to left column, click on +, select NMSA

California Mining Statutes  Public Resources Code, Div. 3.5, Ch. 1, Sec. 3900

Idaho Mining Statutes  Title 47, Ch. 6

Montana Mining Statutes  Title 82, Ch. 2, Pt 1

Alaska Mining Statutes  Title 27, Ch. 27.10, Art. 01

South Dakota Mining Statutes  Title 45, Ch. 04

Washington Mining Statutes  Title 78, Ch. 78.08

Oregon Mining Statutes  V. 12, Ch. 517

US Mining Statutes  Title 30, Ch. 2

US Mining Regulations  Title 43, Subchapter C, Part 3800  (SRHA see P. 3838)

INFORMATIONAL PAMPHLETS and specific state links

Colorado Circular 3  (Still provided by state, but some laws have changed)

Nevada Mining Claim Procedures  (SAA, not up to date, but a good mining claim primer which explains Federal and Nevada mining laws and regulations)

Arizona Mining Requirements  (AZ BLM explains AZ and Federal rules)

California BLM (Generally discusses Federal Law)

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